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What is the minimum amount of time I can rent a self storage unit for?
Storage units in our Tamworth premises can be rented for as little time as one month.

How much notice do I need to provide to rent a self storage unit?
This depends on unit availability and required unit size. Speak to our professionally trained staff, who will be able to assist with your enquiries.

How often can I access my self storage unit?
Your unit may be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week as per the Standard Storage Agreement.

Can anyone else access my unit?
On rental of a unit, customers will be required to supply their own padlock to secure their unit. Padlocks can be purchased from Eagle Eye Self Storage, Tamworth. Only those you permit to access your unit will be able to do so.

Can I drive to the door of my self storage unit?
Eagle Eye Self Storage, Tamworth provides wide driveways for easy truck and vehicle access direct to the door of all larger units. Some smaller units are located internally with only a few meters to parking areas.

Is there anything I cannot store?
Laws limit what may and may not be stored at a Self Storage facility. This includes illegal, stolen or dangerous items; live animals and plants; food items; flammable, explosive, perishable, toxic or environmentally hazardous materials. Items needing environmentally controlled conditions should not be stored. Additional information can be provided by Eagle Eye Self Storage staff.

Are my possessions insured against damage?
Your possessions are valuable and insurance is recommended. Insurance coverage may be purchased through Eagle Eye Self Storage. Please speak with staff to arrange this coverage.

Am I eligible to use the free truck to move into my unit?
Eagle Eye Self Storage is happy to be able to provide customers within a 10km radius of the facility, or within the Tamworth City Limits; with a free truck and driver when moving in. Conditions apply, so please contact Eagle Eye Self Storage staff for further details.

Do I need a special licence to drive the truck?
Eagle Eye Self Storage staff will drive the truck, so no licence is required.

Am I eligible to use the free trailer to move into my unit?
Eagle Eye Self Storage is happy to be able to provide customers with a free covered box trailer when moving in.
Customers will require a suitably sized vehicle with a tow bar to tow the trailer. Please contact Eagle Eye Self Storage staff for further information.

Do I need to pay any additional fees?
A one off $20 admin fee is payable on signing the agreement. 

How can I pay for my self storage unit?
Units may be paid for in a number of ways, including, direct deposit, cheque, credit card, or in cash at our onsite office.

Are the units clean, dry and free of pests?
Self Storage units are specially designed and regularly maintained to ensure they are kept dry and secure. Every endeavour is made to provide a pest free environment, including a regular preventative fumigation programme.

How much notice do I need to give when moving out?
Seven (7) Days notice is required prior to vacating your self storage unit.